Fully automated cages manufactured at our Güres Tavukçuluk Teknolojisi Plant have a capacity of 2,400,000 birds per year. Our hen and chicken cages which were increased up to 8 tiers and more for the first time in domestic production are on sale in the national and international markets.

At Güres Tavukçuluk Teknolojisi, quality management is based on the principle of creation of quality conscious in all the business processes. Our quality management system has been structured to satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers in the most effective and correct manner.

Installation, servicing and after-sales maintenance of our cages we sell are performed in our country and all over the world by our professional Technical Department.

As a result of the research continuously carried out in order to grow Layer Hens in the most excellent conditions by the R&D Units and Engineers in our plant, our product range is enhancing with every passing day.