Güres Group together with its customers, management and employees is one of the rare companies that constituted a corporate culture. Our group that has presented equal opportunity for its all employees and that has evaluated them according to their success for three generations sees Human Resources as its most important capital.     

Our Human Resources vision is to work with professionals, who like their job, who depend on Güres Group family, who are creative, proactive and who believe team work in the sectors, we provide service.
We expect our workmates, we work together the followings:

They must protect respectability and reliability that Güres Group has constituted over the years; 

They must share our growth vision for ensuring the satisfaction of our customers presenting products and services at universal quality and standards;
They must constitute approaches and applications which will support our strategic goals and performance, thanks to their creative ideas, creating new values for our company;

They must work in harmonizing manner with their workmates by their attitudes and behaviours, and they must believe in team spirit and team work;
They must be accessible for improvement as personal, professional, and intellectual;

And they must cherish  people, society, and environment.

If you like to be a part of our team; to show yours ability, power and creativity in the environment where one keeps alive cooperation and solidarity; to obtain occupational satisfaction; and to advance in yours career, you also join us. 

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