Gures Technology adopts the following principles as a policy to continuously improve all processes which affects products and services.

-To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, to manage customer feedback effectively,

-To make continuous production and service quality by applying the developing technology and sectoral innovations in our organization,

-To fully implement the legal regulations and conditions in our organization,

-Production in accordance with TS EN 9001: 2015 QMS,

-To ensure continuous reforms and improvements with teamwork,

-To make timely deliveries with efficient use of resources by removing the operations that do not create value,



Güres Technology adopts the following principles as a policy regarding respect for the environment, protection of human and natural resources.

-To keep up with our official environmental legislation of state and ensure being up-to-date.

-Ensuring measurable sustainable development in every possible area of the environment,

-Working in accordance with 14001 EMS standards,

-Preventing the wastes generated post-production and production in our establishment from harming the environment, human and natural cyclone, and separating the wastes at their source and protecting our natural resources with appropriate recycling and disposal methods.

-Proper disposal of waste in accordence to regulations

Disposal of hazardous wastes after minimizing the environmental impact.

-To encourage employees to apply these principles by providing continuous training



Gures Technology keeps occupational health and safety as the first priority and adopts the following principles as a policy.

-Sustainable "Zero Work Accident" by continuously improving business health and safety culture,

- To meet all legal, humanitarian and other obligations concerning the occupational health and safety,

-To educate employees about occupational health and safety and to ensure that they have good occupational health and safety awareness,

- To set goals for risk assessment and risk reduction activities at all levels of participation, to anticipate and prevent the hazards,

- Reaching the safest occupational goals we can achieve by constantly developing and analyzing our current situation, taking into account industrial developments.



-We ask that you comply with the following rules in accordance with the ISO / IEC 27001 Information Security System applied in our company.

- Our visitors agree that they will not share the information they have obtained with other persons and institutions.

- When you are connected to the company network, the internet connections that you have made are being logged according to the 5651 numbered arrangement of Publications on the Internet and Fighting with Crimes Processed Through These Publications.

- The use of portable memory on our company's computer is subject to the rules, and in the case of the use of your portable memory, please get permission from your companion.

- Do not expose items such as clean tables and display rules, documents, discs, CDs and removable memory, and do not use without permission the items that does not belong to you!


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