Güres Tavukçuluk Teknolojisi started its efforts in the field of Layer Poultry Equipment which has been neglected and could not assume the required importance nor attract necessary research in our country for many years in 2000. As a company that has performed egg production whose examples have hardly been seen in our country and in the world, it has closely followed up all the producing experience and the products of the world’s equipment manufacturers, eliminated any negative aspects for layers and placed utmost importance on what must be available and the needs of layers and thus introduces its products into the market. In terms of market, we aim at serving not only the producers of our country but all the producers of the world as well. Besides conventional cage equipment known in layer poultry, our subjects of activities include research, development and manufacturing of any and all supportive equipment regarding the production and handling of eggs.

While performing our activities which I have tried to present above, it is our indispensable traits to pay utmost attention to keeping customer satisfaction which is one of the principles of the Güres Group in the forefront and to be loyal to goodwill, confidence and commitments in our customer relations which start with the sales of our products.