Fully automated H type battery cages manufactured at our Güres Tavukçuluk Teknolojisi Plant. Our layer and chick rearing cages which were increased up to 8 tiers and more for the first time in domestic production are on sale in the national and international markets. Installation, servicing and after-sales maintenance of our cages are performed both in our country and all over the world by our professional Technical Department.

As a result of the research continuously carried out in order to grow Layers, Broilers and Quails in the most excellent conditions by the R&D Units and Engineers in our plant, our product range is enhancing every day.

Since the establishment of the Güres Group, whose foundations were laid in 1963, the scientific knowledge acquired as a result of the experience and build-up of the company management and employees has been systematised by the R&D Department, thus allowing innovative works to be performed in the egg sector.

Güres Tavukçuluk Teknolojisi, established in 2002, has achieved an international success for the H type Battery Cages and equipment with fully automated watering and feeding, fully automated egg collection, fully automated ventilation systems and fully automated manure collecting systems manufactured under its own patent, thus becoming a brand which forms standards rather than following them.