Fully Automatic Climate System

It is a system that must be used in closed systems and the cages with a capacity of more than 60.000 birds. Homogenous ventilation in cages provides for cooling and humidity control. While controlling the temperature of the cage, it ensures for the minimum and maximum air needs of the birds.

The greatest feature of the fully automatic ventilation system is that the control of all the air movements in the cage is actualized by PLC (Computer system). PLC system displays the temperatures of the right front, right back, left front, left back and middle of the cage separately. 




  • Displays and controls the humidity of the cage.
  • Controls the gradual operation and stop of the fans placed according to the cage capacity.
  • Controls the operation of the cooling pads placed according to the cage capacity.
  • Determines the opening and closing rates of the flaps and dampers (top and bottom cover) in front of the cooling pads inside the cage.
  • In case of a failure, power cut and when the maximum and minimum temperature level is reached in the cage, the alarm functions and the failure causing the alarm is read on the screen of PLC and eliminated as soon as possible.
  • The system can be used manually as well.
  • Energy is saved.
  • Fully automatic ventilation system eliminates the human failures and keeps the desired temperature of the cage on the level for 24 hours.





• Design enabling to change the belt easily
• Low energy consumption
• Low level of noise
• Efficient operation
• Easily-demountable engine
• Galvanized iron sheet frame and louver
• Plastic components made of durable PA material 
• Center pin bearing double roller
• Holes for water discharge after cleaning




Air Supply Propeller Rotation​: Motor Power Dimensions Power Supply
38.400 m³/ h @ 0 pa 447 d/d 1,5 HP Width : 1.400 mm 220 V – 380 V
36.700 m³ / h @ 10 pa 447 rpm   Height: 1.400 mm  
      Depth : 420 mm  

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