Güres Technology has become the new star of India!

Güres Technology which aims to be a global brand in poultry equipments have participated in South Asia’s largest poultry trade exhibition  "Poultry India’s 10th edition which was held  in Hyderabad, India between the dates of 23-25 November.

India’s poultry industry which is growing rapidly attracts many domestic and foreign producers. Güres Technology want to be a part of this marketplace as well and like to announce the quality of Turkish cage equipments to the world once again.

Güres Technology officials supposed that they could change the perception that "Turkish firms are unreliable". Thanks to 50 years of experience in this sector, they also have received full attention from chicken and egg producers who have visited the exhibition with their quality products.

Güres Technology is proud to represent Turkey in 11 international exhibitions during the year 2016 and will continue to mention its name and achievement in 2017.