Güres Technology was welcomed with a huge interest in Iran

IRAN PLEX EXHIBITION which held between the dates 26th and 31th of October 2016 put the feed, egg,broiler and cage equipment’s producers together. Güres Technology’s stand was attracted intense attention by its new customers. Güres Technology consolidated its relationships with its existing customer and they got information about current situation of the Iranian market and further necessary precautions which has to be determined by this way strategies were set for Iranian market. Güres Technology is glad to announce the world that it has been one of the successful poultry equipment manufactures. As a continuation of the negotiations and agreements done throughout the fair Güres technology continue to increase its market share in Iranian market.

Güres Technology Marketing Manager Mr.Orhan Çakır, who attended the exhibition, have stated that the Iranian market has a high potential in the sense of poultry. Also stated that once the crisis in Iran comes to an end, we will be able to dominate the Iranian market with cage and cage equipment developed by the experts R&D department and young engineers.

Güres Technology, which is becoming international brand day by day will continue to carry its operations within seminar activities in Iran’s Qom( Ghom) city as planned.