Gures Technology has set new coordinates in exports

Gures Technology continues to expand its exportation breakthrough and international relationships. Due to both historical sharing’s and geographical importance and also Turkic republics’ rising value on technology exportation day by day, Gures technology participated in ‘Agrominitech Uzbekistan’ exhibition which is organized in Uzbekistan’s Tashkent city between the dates of 31.05 and 03.06.  It is beneficial to remind that the exhibition has the characteristic of being the most important livestock and poultry exhibition over the region right now.

After  the trading challenges which were experienced with Russia, the importance of ongoing relations with Turkic republics has risen.  Due to this exhibition, Gures Technology has attempted to open a new agency in Uzbekistan in order to develop ongoing relations with countries in the region  and create new trading links. These operations of Gures Technology were also appreciated by Turkish Ambassador to Uzbekistan Mr.Namık Güner ERPUL and Commercial Councellor Mr.Ahmet KÜÇÜKASLAN by visiting the exhibition. Our ambassador wished success to Gures Technology after had the conversation with us.

Ukrainian Ambassador also showed interest to Uzbekistan representation which is going to go into operation with Gures  Technology agency which is located in another significant market of Ukraine. The ambassador indicated his happiness because of seeing Gures Technology in all over the world and his greetings became a point of pride for Gures Technology brand which operates abroad.